Adding Information to Invoices

To add information to your invoices -- like a company name, different address, or tax ID -- simply go to the billing page in your profile settings.

From there, you can add additional information in the "your payment information" box. Once you save, your changes will be automatically added to your invoices, which can be accessed from the bottom of the same page.

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    Hi Robbie,

    I was asked for a group invoice for the 3 payments we made since January. It seems like the invoices available on my profile are proof of transfer, so they are not accepted by our accountants.

    Is it possible to receive either a group invoice or three invoices for our payments? The invoices must include : dates, name and info of your company, the invoice number, description of the services, quantity, price without taxes, amount of the taxes, and price taxes included.

    Thanks a lot and I am available if you have any question, of course.


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    Hi Nermine!

    I've responded to your request via email. Thank you!

    All my best,