Switch to the New Html5 Editor

As you may know, Flash won't work anymore in the main market internet browsers.

That's why we've been working hard since last year to create the New Wideo Html5 Editor!

You can try it here editing a template, and if you want us to switch your account definetively to Html5, contact us here.

We've built the new editor to look and work in a very similar way than the old one so you won't have to learn everything again. What's more, you will find even more awesome features and benefits. \

In the new editor you can:

  • Create and download videos in square and vertical formats that will fit your Instagram stories and Facebook posts perfectly;
  • Spice up your designs with more than 150 new fonts;
  • Choose the exact frames for your animations;
  • Use +970,000 free stock images;
  • Use all our new templates and scene templates;
  • Set a start time for your audios;
  • Check the last Product Updates here



Eventually you will have to switch to the new editor, since Flash won't work anymore soon. If you have an active subscription plan, we will help migrating your flash wideos to the new html5 editor. Just contact us and we will guide you through.


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