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    Hi there,


    To clarify, with a paid plan you can get access to 5000 characters per day on our TTS tool. With the free plan, you get access to 2000 characters per day. 


    This is a supplementary tool we have that's meant to make the videos you create with us more dynamic, however we're not able to provide free and unlimited access to our TTS tool at this time. Our apologies!


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  • mikebarablog

    Yep I have just asked the same question, but sent them an email. I do not need their video templates, but I want more than a daily limit of 2000 to narrate my videos. I am sure a few months ago they did not have a limit. This is a new thing. You can up it up to 6000 if you open the software in different programs but that still is not enough for me.

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  • gloria.fuentes

    Hi.  Already sent an email for the same question but I'm hoping to get a quicker answer here.  What does daily quota mean for text-to-speech?  I used it yesterday and reached the 2000 character quota.  I want to use it today to continue with my project but it still says I've reached my daily quota.  I'm using a free account.



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  • Robbie

    Hi there! 

    Thanks for getting in touch!  

    The TTS software is included in all of our paid plans. Wideo is a video editing tool that has a supplementary TTS tool available for users. With a paid plan you get access to 5000 characters a day.

    You can read more about the pricing of our paid plans here:

    Feel free to get in touch if I can help out with anything else! 

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